14 april 2011


my grandma in the states sends me packages. i always am happy when a package shows up. sweaters, coloringbooks crayons. with easter a nice coloring book and just befor that she sended me trains. mom and dad were not really sure if i knew where the packages came from. but i know who sends them to me. when the package with the trains arrived i said oma. so yeah i know. and i really like the packages that my grandmother from the states sends me. i drop everything that i am doing at the moment te mail comes into the street. thank you grandma!

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e.h. zei

i'm so glad you like the things i send to you. there is another package on it's way to you (i went to the post office yesterday 4/30/11). i hope you also like that.
you are my sweet `angel face' and i love you very much.....